Did I mention the people in Paris were really unfriendly? Well all except for the bartenders who are absolutely wonderful people, and they didn’t cheat us out of alcohol by flooding the drinks with mixers, which I really appreciated. What with the language gap they could’ve totally gotten away with it. We went on a magnificent club crawl on this really cool little street in the Bastille area that’s just lined with tiny clubs. My list of drinks for the night was:

1) Absinthe 

2) Nikita

3) Havana Club 7 yrs

4) Tequila

5) Caipirihna

6) Orgasme

7) Kalachinkov (pictured)

Aaaaaaand probably a couple more that I don’t remember.

Also!!! I found Nicolas Flamel. Not as hard as the HP trio made it seem…